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What does over 125 years of British design mean for Muraspec and Fardis?

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It’s no secret that we are extremely proud of our British heritage. Sustainable British design and manufacturing is at the core of our offering. Being located in Britain is crucial for the design, production and distribution of our stunning bespoke wallcoverings.


Based in the heart of the Kent countryside, we have been developing strong links with the community for over 125 years. We believe in local employment and supporting the community. The local environment directly inspires the design process, and natural textures and patterns are woven into our gorgeous wallcovering designs.


Muraspec factory East Peckham


Being based in Britain also allows us to ensure that we continue to be an industry leader in sustainable production. We guarantee best environmental practice throughout the manufacturing and design processes, and can be certain that our products are of the highest quality.


Over the years, we have produced a vast portfolio of beautiful British designs, providing us with an amazing pool of ideas to work from. These include designs such as Venice from the Union collection, an exquisite textured print which offers a more casual, relaxed aesthetic for a staple look.

Venice design


Our in-house design team and manufacturing facility work together to develop products; this collaboration is key to offer quicker and more effective bespoke solutions for our customers. We look to provide each and every company and individual with a personalised service, developing truly beautiful and bespoke British designs.