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A relaxing restaurant for a priory

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A hotel-restaurant based in a French medieval monastery has been given a minimalist update that accentuates the building’s natural beauty.


A relaxing restaurant for a priory


Agence Jouin Manku was responsible for upgrading the Saint-Lazare priory, giving it new life as a tranquil and composed setting.


The priory’s original white stone steals the show, providing a beautifully clean canvas for the designers to work with. Along with the stunning high arches that adorn the space, the white creates an expansive, airy feel (especially so in the cloister).


A relaxing restaurant for a priory


However, the palette isn’t all about the white – the scheme uses soft hues of blue for the furniture, contributing wonderfully to the tranquil atmosphere, which seems perfect considering the restaurant’s history.


Much of this furniture is custom-made, which not only ensures it is spot-on for its surroundings, but adds to the uniqueness of the priory.


A relaxing restaurant for a priory


This project is a stunning example of using the ethos of a historical building’s heritage and giving it a very fresh, contemporary update.


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