Vivid Visions: Colourful Patterns & Murals for Walls (eBook)

We are delighted to introduce our latest eBook 'Vivid Visions: Colourful Patterns & Murals for Walls', showcasing fresh colour options for both 'Platinum Borealis' and 'Platinum Lumin,' along with the exciting additions of two brand-new mural wallcoverings: 'Wallmotion Vista' and 'Wallmotion Bonchurch.'
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We are delighted to introduce our latest eBook ‘Vivid Visions: Colourful Patterns & Murals for Walls‘, showcasing fresh colour options for both ‘Platinum Borealis‘ and ‘Platinum Lumin,’ along with the exciting additions of two brand-new mural wallcoverings: ‘Wallmotion Vista‘ and ‘Wallmotion Bonchurch.’



Named after one of the most amazing and beautiful sights of the natural world, Borealis creates a spectacular, colourful display of light and energy. The interaction between the glistening and sparkling texture, combined with the free-flowing design, make this a truly inspiring wallcovering.

In addition to our current Borealis design (13276), we are excited to introduce 6 new colourway options for you to choose from.



Introducing our new breathtaking mural wallcovering ‘Vista’, where nature’s grandeur meets exquisite design. Inspired by the majestic peaks and serene valleys of untouched landscapes, this immersive design transforms any space into a breathtaking panorama of natural wonder.

Every layer, colour and contour of the Vista pattern has been carefully created to bring the beauty of the outdoors into your space.

As you gaze upon this wallcovering, you’ll find yourself transported to a world of tranquil exploration. The layers of printed texture mimic the diverse landscape of mountains and hills, from the smooth slopes to the weathered crags. The interplay of light and shadow creates a dynamic visual depth, transforming your interior into a sanctuary of natural elegance.

Whether you’re designing a cozy hotel retreat, infusing a bedroom with a touch of adventure or an office space that embraces the allure of nature, our Vista wallcovering will become the focal point that sparks conversation and admiration.



By seamlessly blending exquisite form with cascading shafts of light columns, the ‘Platinum Lumin’ wallcovering emanates a vibrant and dynamic aura. The abstracted striped patterns effortlessly establish a contemporary and sophisticated geometric ambiance, resulting in a harmonious fusion of style and allure. Enhanced further by a tactile textured foil ground, this design provides a visual delight that captivates the senses with its vivid and luminous colour palette.

Alongside our well-established Platinum Lumin design (13288), we are pleased to present 3 new vibrant colour options.



Elevate your surroundings with the allure of the sea. Our new ‘Bonchurch’ Seascape mural wallcovering tells the tale of a tranquil coastal haven, capturing the essence of the sea in every brushstroke.

Derived from an original canvas painting, created by our design manager, this wallcovering encapsulates the magic of the ocean’s embrace. Each wave, each ripple, and each hue has been meticulously replicated, ensuring that the beauty of the original artwork is not only maintained but celebrated on a grander scale.

Imagine gazing upon your walls and being transported to the shores of Bonchurch, where the salty breeze and natural serenity are an invitation to immerse yourself in the beauty of coastal life.

Whether adorning a dining room wall, a contemporary living space, or a hotel seeking a touch of tranquillity, this design brings an air of sophistication and natural beauty to any room. It is not just a wallcovering; it’s a portal to a world of calm and wonder.


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