Working in Partnership with Rainforest Trust

Working in partnership with Rainforest Trust, Muraspec donates 2.5% of sales income from all 4 designs within our 'Amazonia' Collection.
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Working in partnership with Rainforest Trust, Muraspec donates 2.5% of sales income from all 4 designs within our ‘Amazonia’ Collection.

This income will help protect the rainforest’s endangered wildlife, safeguard indigenous communities and reduce climate change.

Rainforest Trust are seeking to place over six million acres of tropical rainforest under protection by providing land titles to 220 indigenous communities.

Our ‘Amazonia’ collection is a set of enchanting patterns providing a glimpse into a rainbow of exotic creatures and rich vegetation; using the vibrant and lush rainforest flora and fauna as inspiration.

Created in our Kent studio, ‘Manos’, ‘Rio’, ‘Novos’ and ‘Porto’ take us on a deep, rich journey into a place with no seasons. The astonishment, beauty and wonder of the rainforests lie in these intricate and complex designs, adding sensational depth and presence to both residential and commercial spaces

Our Amazonia Collection is printed and embossed on a non-woven fabric backing and is Euroclass B fire rated.

Further to our commitment to sustainability, we use up to 30% recycled content in all our wallcoverings, with an overall reduction in carbon emissions of 58% from our UK Factory.

Browse the full ‘Amazonia’ collection here. 


The Importance of Sustainability

Muraspec recognises the importance of sustainability to all of us, which is why we started work to make improvements well over 20 years ago.

Our wallcoverings were the first to be awarded an Ecopoints score by BRE Global, the world’s leading independent organisation for building research. This means they have been rigorously tested and certified to be some of the most environmentally friendly wallcoverings on the market.

Muraspec’s wallcoverings have been given an average score of just 0.2 Ecopoints per m2, relative to the average European person’s environmental impact of 100 Eco Points.

We’re also fully accredited and quality assured with ISO 14001, the international standard for environmental management systems. This demonstrates our commitment to sustainable practices throughout our business.

Muraspec continues to contribute towards European carbon reduction targets, and as a participant in the UK Government Climate Change Agreement Scheme, we have targets for energy reduction extending to 2030.

As well as consistently meeting our targets, we have reduced our total carbon emissions by 58% from our UK factory, compared with our baseline year of 1999.

Since 2008, our commitment to sustainability includes using up to 30% recycled content in all our wallcoverings, which is recycled at our own in-house recycling facility. They’re also free from harmful chemicals and pollutants.

We continue to focus on reducing the energy embodied in our products and closely monitor energy usage with a dedicated project team that identifies opportunities for further reductions in our carbon footprint.

Due to manufacturing in the UK, our carbon foot print is substantially lower than other distributors who solely rely on imports from thousands of miles away.

Our new incinerator, which was installed in the summer of 2023, is roughly 30% more fuel efficient (reducing the use of fossil fuels & our carbon footprint) and allows for 10% cleaner air emissions.

If you’re looking for wallcoverings that are good for the environment, Muraspec should always be your first choice. 🌲 🌍 🌳


Written by Paul Marks.