The HKZ Hotel uses Muraspec

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The HKZ Hotel uses Muraspec 


The Hotel Kompetenz-Zentrum in Oberschleissheim, Germany, uses Muraspec wallcoverings to decorate some of their suites, their restaurant and the meeting room.


We know this might sound like nothing to you but, if you keep on reading, you will understand why we’re so proud of it.


The HKZ hotel is the winner of the 2014 Gold Key awards, but that’s not all, the concept of this hotel is so good that we can only keep on wondering, as Ron Kollar from Tishman Gotel & Realty said, “Why didn’t someone think of this before?”


The HKZ Hotel uses Muraspec


The HKZ hotel is a fully operational hotel where owners and developers can see and touch the latest design ideas. A place for hospitality clients to see how a wide range of design solutions look, function and feel in a real hotel setting. The different installations and rooms of the hotel provide a 360-degree tour of forward-looking concepts and products for three to five star properties.


Don’t you agree that this a fantastic idea? Find out more here.


Click on the following products to see which Muraspec designs have been used in this project:


Restaurant and Meeting room:

06A41 Belmont

03A53 Prairie

03A62 Prairie

P8082 Reflective



P8497 Khotan

03A71 Tessai

03A65 Tessai



To contact Muraspec in Germany, see details below:


Erich Grubic

DG-Project Service

Botzweg 40 A

47839 Krefeld

Mobile: +49 (0)177 37 97 000

Tel: +49-(0)2151-657798




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