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Hair salon uses striking irregular geometry

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A hair salon in Japan has been given a sophisticated yet functional design by BHIS Architects, using diamond-shaped partitions to effectively divide the expansive space.


Hair Salon Slundre’s design takes inspiration from its angled roof, which is emphasised by the black steel frames defining the overall structure.


Hair salon uses striking irregular geometry


The partitioning consists of wooden planks arranged into diamond lattices, which are used as handy shelves. Rising from the buffed grey floor to the spotless white ceiling, the wooden partitions have an irregular structure (every shelf or space is a different size and shape) that help to give the salon a subtle, unique look.


Hair salon uses striking irregular geometry


This interesting wooden geometry is taken further by one of the walls, which uses strips of wood (that strongly resemble flooring) for an overall striking look, and the bespoke tables in the waiting area. Echoing the wooden partitions, the tables have an unusual ‘cut-out’ effect, with strong angles carved out of the raw wood. The flat end of each table is finished with a mirror, again reflecting the lighter aspects of the design.


Hair salon uses striking irregular geometry


Bold chairs and large pot plants are scattered around the space, providing a more personal feel to the space and putting the finishing touch to a design with plenty of character.


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