Shop interior shows off its vintage tiles

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The owners of a tile retailer in Lisbon have given their new shop a stunning design showcasing the best of their long history in a riot of colour.


shop interior shows off its vintage tiles


Cortico & Netos is a family business has been established since the 1960s and has recently passed into the hands of four brothers.

Using a simple white and wooden backdrop, the brothers have arranged vintage tiles from their stockpile on walls, in shelves, and in cupboards. The variety of colours and patterns provide a unique look to the shop, recognising its heritage while demonstrating the family’s skill in manufacturing tiles.


shop interior shows off its vintage tiles


More recent ceramic items, such as bowls and coasters, are scattered around the space, adding colourful depth and interest to the design, as does the beautiful typography on one of the walls.

The brothers said: “Considering the several hundreds of different tile patterns and the vibrant array of colour palettes, we decided the store wouldn’t need much decoration – the tiles should stand proudly on display”.


shop interior shows off its vintage tiles


Take a closer look at Cortico & Netos here.




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