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Modern Wallcoverings from Fardis and Muraspec!

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From intricate geometrics, to abstracts and sleek linear prints, our modern wallcoverings add a calmative touch to any space –something we all crave in our busy metropolitan lives! 

Here, we’ve got a quick shortlist of some our most captivating contemporary designs. Perhaps one of these will inspire your next project?


First, and foremost, we have the tranquil Elektra, Nautic & Elektra, Chase from Fardis

Elektra, Nautic 2

Elektra, Chase

Evoke that warm, cosy atmosphere we all crave after a long day’s work. Chase and Nautic’s ethereal prints are inspired by the mythological tales of ancient Troy, and are perfect for the most ultramodern of design schemes.


Next up, we have the intricately designed Elektra, Marvin.

Elektra, Marvin

Our lavish, abstract patterns; Marvin adds an inimitable depth to a modish interior design.

Take a look at our Elektra collection for more!


Luna, Lyra is a perfect, iridescence touch for any interior design. 

Luna, Lyra

Lyra is embossed with a distressed, metallic print. Our range –from Vega to Cassini, Nebula & Galaxy Stripe –transforms any space into a chic retreat.  


Next up, Luna, Vega’s geometric prints bring modernity to any living space.

Luna, Vega 

Adorned with tiny acrylic beads, Vega is ideal for a trendy yet unique design scheme. Available in six distinct shades, our wallpapers are an ideal creative backdrop for any space. 

Take a look at our Luna collection for more!


Moreover, Neo offers a wide range of geometric wallpapers –including, but not limited to, Morroc and Prism

Neo, Morroc

Neo, Prism

Bold geometric prints are perfect for the most avant-garde of design schemes. Morroc and Prism are sumptuously combined with light reflective elements, effectively tying together for a truly opulent touch.

Take a look at our Neo range for more!


Next up, we also have Fardis’ stylistic Lounge, Cosmo.

Lounge, Cosmo

Cosmo is our contemporary twist on timeless geometric prints. Our lounge-inspired designs add a peaceful atmosphere to both modern and classic interiors.

Take a look at our Lounge wallpapers for more!


Check out Fardis’ Wall Inspiration for an even wider range of distinctive, elegant designs. Our creative team is constantly on the lookout for the latest design trends –and inspiration is everywhere!


For bespoke wallcoverings, you might opt for Wallmotion by Muraspec.

Wallmotion, Abstract 1

Wallmotion, Abstract 2

Wallmotion Abstract: Remarkable graphics, stripes and geometric prints for chic modern interiors…with an artistic twist! Our digitals always create a unique ambiance, be it residential or more commercial, restaurant settings.

For more readymade digital wallcoverings, take a look at Muraspec’s Wallmotion