10 Floral Wallcoverings from Fardis!

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Ten Floral Wallcoverings from Fardis!


Summer is around the corner, but that distinct warmth and cosiness is already here!

Our summer-inspired, floral designs are unique in their ability to add character and breathe new life into any interior scheme. 

Here, we’ve compiled a shortlist of some our most captivating floral wallcoverings. Do let us know if these inspire your next design choice!


First, we have the striking Fortune, Willow.  

Fortune, Willow

An exquisite two-toned floral print; Willow adds a graceful touch to any design scheme.


We also have the ornate, yet modern Fortune, Bator

Fortune, Bator 

Classics meet modern in this sophisticated, two-toned floral print. Bator is a chic, contemporary twist on a timeless design.


Take a look at our Fortune collection for more!


Next up, we have the timeless Lounge, Alison

Lounge, Alison

Classic –vintage –medallions; perfect for a relaxed lounge-like atmosphere. Alison’s floral prints add a distinctive, down-to-earth touch to the modernistic design scheme. 


Take a look at our Lounge collection for more!



Looking to rejuvenate your design? Our Botanic range might just be that breath of fresh air…

Botanic, Botanic 

Botanic: a perfect way to reinvigorate any design scheme. Our botanical print has a soothing effect on the body, mind & soul.


Take a look at our Botanic wallcoverings for more!



Likewise, Cantari offers a range of unmistakable floral prints – including Otello and Alcina.

Cantari, Otello

Cantari, Alcina 

Otello & Alcina are the epitome of sophistication. Juxtapose bright, white furniture against our symmetric damasks, and intricate florals for a modern classic design.


Take a look at our Cantari range for more!



Next up, we have the intricate Fortuna, Juno.  

Fortuna, Juno

Juno adds character to your timeless design scheme, with a range of bright unforgettable floral patterns.


Take a look at our Fortuna designs for more!



Alternately, Kew, Bali’s refined prints may be the right choice for you. 

Kew, Bali

Our luminous, floral & ikat inspired design are perfect for a touch of serenity. Enriched with a beautiful hand drawn quality, Bali brings elegance to any design scheme.


Take a look at our Kew range for more!



Looking for a more adaptable option? You may opt for Wallmotion, Florals by Muraspec

Wallmotion, 00520

Wallmotion, 00460

Stunning organic illustrations, Florals & Botanics add character and personality to any space. Our array of digital murals is available in custom colours and scalable to your design needs and aesthetic senses.


For more readymade digital prints, take a look at Muraspec’s Wallmotion.


Check out Fardis’ Wall Inspiration for an even wider range of distinctive, elegant designs. Our creative team is constantly on the lookout for the latest design trends –and inspiration is everywhere!


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