Fardis Launches Newest Luxury Collection, Nouvelle!

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Our creative team is constantly on the lookout for the latest design trends –and inspiration is truly everywhere. Discover our latest creation –the luxurious Nouvelle range.


First, and foremost, Nouvelle Certosa is the embodiment of elegance. 

Nouvelle, Certosa

Our organic, silken damasks are a testament to the true beauty of Mother Nature.


Distinctive, woven geometric patterns define Nouvelle Clos

Nouvelle, Clos

Our polychromatic wallcoverings, elaborately combined with intricate metallic prints, create a perfect, halcyon atmosphere for any design scheme. 


Nouvelle, Gavi promises to rejuvenate any idyllic design scheme. 

Nouvelle, Gavi

Magnificent organic illustrations, and dainty floral prints; these wallcoverings are well suited to our lovely Nouvelle range. 


Nouvelle, Monteinterwoven with brilliant monochromatic damasks, is among our finest designs. 

Nouvelle, Monte

These classic, yet timeless prints are inspired by the rich history of the Far East. 


Next up, we have the serene Nouvelle, Monza

Nouvelle, Monza

Characterized by rich mediterraneus illustrations, Monza adds an exquisite, opulent touch to your contemporary interior design. 


Nouvelle, Tristan is an exquisite striped design, meticulously adorned with classic damask prints. 

Nouvelle, Tristan

Tristan’s quality textile wallcoverings add an airy, and ambient touch to your timeless interior scheme.


For more information, visit us at Fardis.com

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