Funky office design achieves LEED Platinum

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AECOM has created a contemporary office scheme for a Californian video company, that ties a technological colour palette to the spacious open plan areas.


DIRECTV’s new office has been designed to foster innovation and creativity in a young, fresh, energetic environment.


Blue is the dominant colour, making the office seem even more expansive, encouraging a more casual, modern feel. Bright blues work particularly well in the leisure areas, injecting fun into what would otherwise be a plain canteen area and adding a touch of funkiness to the gym with royal blue bricks. The gym also boasts a sleek glass screen covered in blue and green wording, a motif which is repeated on a feature wall in the eatery.


Funky office design


As well as tapping into very current trends, the headquarters in El Segundo also has a fun side, with cloudy carpets in shiny corridors, an interactive screen wall, a grassy pavilion area, and striking neon sculptural lighting in the canteen.


Funky office design


We’ve also pointed digital wallcoverings and whiteboards in the pictures, they are always a good option for office spaces.


Digital wallcovering





Not only is this office design bang on trend, it also achieves LEED Platinum status – very environmentally friendly.


Find out more about the scheme here.



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