Restaurant wins World Interior of the Year

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A Hong Kong restaurant has won World Interior of the Year at this year’s Inside Festival.


 Restaurant wins World Interior of the Year


Joyce Wang’s design for the Mott 32 restaurant was eligible for the top award after winning the Restaurants and Bars category.


This stunning design was a worthy winner that hints at Hong Kong’s heritage within a very modern interior scheme.


Mott 32 uses ambient lighting for a chic feel, combined with dark colours and luxurious textures. Wang also installed skylights to provide plenty of natural lighting into the basement restaurant.


Restaurant wins World Interior of the Year


The restaurant is divided into different areas, with colour and texture helping to set the mood. The tangerine room is a warm, classical space designed for private dinners, while the blue-hued couples area features a stunning silk-embroidered wall.


Key design accents that nod to Mott 32’s influences include metallic notes referencing the local fishing history, which help bring the different themes together.


Find out more about the Inside Festival Awards here.


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