Celebrating 170 years of British manufacturing excellence

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From humble beginnings in the middle of the 19th century, Gerrish & Gwyn were an established tannery based in Bristol.  At the same time in parallel, George Bryant, an unknown leather tanner from Devon established The Bryant leather Company, specialising in currying – finishing of hides prior to their use in the manufacture of leather goods.  The company grew and prospered in East Peckham, Kent, where there was room for further expansion.

In the early 1950s, the leather dye work moved overseas.  The collaboration of the two businesses in the late 1950’s resulted in a new business, Brymor, which by the end of the 1960’s was manufacturing heavy-duty luxury wallcoverings for use in hotels, offices, healthcare, accommodation blocks, in-store retail, cruise ships and numerous other settings.

As Brymor expanded its product range, new markets emerged.  Exports soared, and the success was such that the company won multiple exports awards and later received an official visit from the Duke of Kent.

A Royal visit after the factory expansion back in the 1980s

A Royal visit after the factory expansion back in the 1980s

The Duke of Kent planting a tree on the grounds at Muraspec

The Duke of Kent planting a tree on the grounds at Muraspec

In 1998, the company began trading under the name of Muraspec, derived from the French language equivalent to “wall specification”, a name which is now recognised world over.

Combining innovation with heritage, today we are a trusted global leader in the design and manufacture of beautiful high quality, and bespoke British fire rated contract wallcoverings. Muraspec introduced and established contract wallcoverings to new markets including the Far East, the Middle East and vinyl wallcoverings in The Americas. 

Today we employ over 200 people, a third of which have been with the team for more than 25 years.


  Early times – The tannery cured animal hides to make leather used for book bindings

 Early times – The tannery cured animal hides to make leather used for book bindings

“Necessity is the mother of invention” – Plato

Innovations have always been part of Muraspec tradition.  The way people use buildings and interior spaces constantly evolves, and we have been at the pinnacle of these seismic shifts. Designing and engineering products to meet such changes remains one of our key motivations.

From residential to commercial, we have gone from strength to strength, gaining accolades and credibility, consolidating our brand as international leader in commercial wallcoverings for which we are renowned for today.


Muraspec Wallcoverings factory in East Peckham has provided jobs for the local community for six generations

Our in-house design team understand colour theory and texture and are at hand to help customers create the most impactful statement walls

Our extensive portfolio of wallcoverings spans a plethora of designs found in endless applications such as motifs, silks, concretes, grass cloth and linen, deep textured embosses, acoustic and custom bespoke.

Our digital team are at hand to translate concepts into developing truly beautiful and bespoke designs

Manufacturing prowess

As a manufacturer, we can provide flexibility on production and are proud to have the shortest lead times in the industry.

Our British manufactured wallcoverings are about high quality and high performance. All our raw materials are responsibly sourced, enabling us to accurately calculate a product’s lifecycle and carbon footprint.


Each year we recycle a staggering 40 metric tonnes of post-industrial vinyl waste. We also generate less waste as a manufacturer and can supply the exact quantity required by project as opposed to specific stock, reducing waste in packaging.

See more in our Sustainability Statement

Being a manufacturer ensures that we continue to lead in sustainable production. We guarantee best environmental practice throughout the manufacturing and design processes and can be certain that our products are of the highest quality.


“Good design doesn’t date.” – Harry Seidler, modernist architect

As we commemorate 170 years, we remain steadfast in our belief that there should be no compromise on quality when creating captivating inspirational interiors.

Involve us in your next exciting project!  Call us on +44 (0)3705 117 118 and see how we can help.

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