2022 – Back down to earth

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Like most industry sectors, healthcare and hospitality have seen a seismic shift in how they use their spaces with a focus on belonging and wellness.

After the barrage of ‘red tape’ imposed by government restrictions during the global pandemic, tactility and social interaction were off limits as businesses scrambled to adapt its spaces to facilitate social distancing and help safeguard patients and guests ahead of the easing of restrictions.

During the same time, families grew accustomed to living, learning, and working under one roof. The daily bout of exercise was for many the sole opportunity to connect with nature. This absence of connection with others and with nature became the driver for more wallcovering designs with shades and textures inspired by nature.

2021 witnessed the reconfiguration of space as well as a redesign of space. It could almost be described as a form of ‘rebirth’. Breathing new life into spaces, connecting the outdoors with indoors and placing more emphasis on wellbeing.

Biophilic and visceral design is by no means anything new. However, natures patterns, rich warm earthy colours and woven fabrics and textures are set to remain the proverbial ‘tapestry of interiors’ throughout 2022.

The same trend applies with neutrals as designers play with contrasts in texture and colour to achieve a cosy yet rustic atmosphere.


Wallcoverings such as our new Segment, with its striking geometric lines delivers on tactile texture, subtle design and neutral shades.


Riviera’s soft elegant neutrals with subtle metallic silk-like threads continues to be a popular choice with 10 warm and cool neutrals to choose from. 


Earthy and natural hues continue to trend, juxtaposed with rich textured fabrics and furnishings creating stylish yet bold interiors.

Go Green

Natural colour influences commercial and residential interiors. Green is one of the most versatile colours which pairs well with neutrals.  Any shade of green is illustrative of nature and can range from the extreme vivid to the most delicate hues, but all have the power to reconnect us to the environment.  This palette type is soothing and promotes a sense of wellbeing. 

Green can be infused into a space, achieving a cohesion of vibrancy and serenity

Biophilic Patterns

For those looking to bring the outdoors in, then Ted Baker’s new Eden Collection may be the perfect fit with its bold tropical biophilic patterns.  These handcrafted designs pay homage to faraway exotic places, as well as designs inspired from quintessential English gardens. The Eden Collection bursts with personality; encapsulating everything from tranquillity and calmness, to vibrant patterns and energetic colours.


PINER Design, The Eden Collection, Ted Baker designer wallcovering

As leaders and manufacturers of commercial grade wallcoverings, we have countless options to choose from, limited only by your imagination.

Whatever your design requirements, our friendly team are ready to support you.

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