Beats by Dre uses colour for a striking office scheme

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The headquarters of Beats by Dre eschews the current ‘industrial chic’ trend for a streamlined and bold look, with clean lines and block colours.

The office in Culver City, California, represents the business’ different operations through three buildings, all carrying the bright, but minimalist, theme.

Bestor Architecture’s design connects the buildings, reflecting the business as diverse but working together as one fluid whole.


Beats by Dre


Entire rooms are painted in a single colour, with a strong blue giving the social area a relaxing vibe, while corridors and walkways are paired with natural wood for a simple, strong look. This is completed by the wonderfully geometric sculptural lighting, which could be a talking piece in itself, but never distracts from the overall design.


Beats by Dre


The furniture is kept functional, but comfortable in the social areas, and subtle colour coordination ensures a seamless transition between areas of the open plan scheme.


Beats by Dre
Beats by Dre


Our favourite aspect of the design is the stunning feature wall pictured, which is covered with a giant aerial photograph of California – not only does it complement the area’s colour scheme, but it helps to anchor the headquarters (which is spread over an immense 105,000 square feet) in its surroundings.


Take a closer look at the stylish headquarters here.


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