Coca-Cola’s Happiness Factory

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MoreySmith has created a stunning design for Coca-Cola’s new Westminster office, which takes inspiration from the brand’s illustrious history to create a unique, contemporary workspace.


However, while the design team had an incredibly recognisable brand to work from, they decided to create a more subtle theme for the building on Wimpole Street, helping to give it a truly timeless style.


“We didn’t want to paint the place red and slap Coca-Cola on everything, but we did want to offer the office’s 300 or so employees far more exposure to their brand, and celebrate its rich heritage,” said design director Nicola Osborn.


The happiness factory


Reused and exposed materials, such as lino, ceramic, brick, and timber, are the base of the design, helping to give it a minimalist feel with its palette of white, greys, and browns. Red is used sparingly, giving the design more impact as well as providing definition.


Examples of Coca-Cola’s advertising through the years adorn key spots within the building, providing pops of colour and adding a touch of vintage. The feature wall covered with hearts cut out from Coca-Cola-owned brand labels, such as Dr Pepper and Sprite, builds on that casual, upcycled atmosphere.


The Happiness Factory


Art installations provide a transparent motif, with clear glass bottles hanging over the kitchen area and Stuart Haygarth’s suspended sculpture is very reminiscent of soda bubbles.


Take a closer look at this clever interior design here.



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