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A sophisticated shoe shop interior

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David Chipperfield has completed a sophisticated and minimalist interior for Swiss brand Bally, using a few key colours and clever organisation for a sleek and high-end look.

The interior of the boutique, on New Bond Street in London, is inspired by a Marcel Breuer design for the luxury brand in the 1920s.


A sophisticated shoe shop interior


Chipperfield has taken the shoe-oriented Breuer design and used it to showcase Bally’s stylish products in a beautifully colour-coordinated environment.

Organisation is crucial for this design, and this is exemplified by the striking ‘shoe walls’ in a deep wine hue. As walls of shoeboxes, the grid effect gives an illusion of texture and allows boxes to be partly pulled out, adding three-dimensional interest and highlighting some of the products.


A sophisticated shoe shop interior


The deep, rich wood used throughout the shop is timeless, harking back to decades of classic shop interiors without being overtly retro, looking particularly chic when paired with black leather seats.

Identical curved seats adorn the main customer browsing area and are paired by colour – these pastel shades are a perfect luxurious counterpart to the heritage-inspired wood and burgundy shoe walls.


A sophisticated shoe shop interior


Backlit shelves and smooth grey carpet completes this sophisticated interpretation of Breuer’s Modernist shoe shop, providing a spacious and relaxing experience for customers.