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Biju Bubble Tea Rooms

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Gundry & Ducker have created a cute interior for a bubble tea café, using pops of pastel colour and soft textures and shapes for a young, fun look.


The Biju Bubble Tea Rooms in Soho is a brightly coloured café that relies on just a few essential design elements, so customers can enjoy their bubble tea in simple but fresh surroundings.


Biju Bubble Tea Rooms


Interestingly, the architects have used cork for the furniture, which is a genuinely innovative twist on the ‘exposed material’ trend and complements the slick white walls as part of a neutral backdrop – ideal for layering colour.


The arrangement of the furniture adds to the fun, with circular seats and tables dotted around in shades of pink, blue and yellow. This creates an informal atmosphere perfect for relaxation, while the sharp, geometric coloured lines provide a very Eighties-inspired cool edge to the design.


Biju Bubble Tea Rooms


Shining chrome pipework draws the eye via the ceiling to the counter, which is gleaming metal and white, defining this space effectively but continuing the overall theme with touches of pastels.


Take a closer look at the tea rooms here.