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7 Festively Shimmery Wallcoverings

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We’re already getting into the holiday spirit at the Muraspec Group!


Go edgy this season, with our alluring & shimmery wallcoverings –a great way to add a festive touch to any interior design. Below, we’ve compiled a shortlist of some of our most iridescent wallcoverings.

Do let us know if these inspire your next design choice.

Cantari, Otello

Cantari, Otello

Otello is the epitome of sophistication. Juxtapose bright white furniture against these intricate damasks for a classic scheme with a stunning contemporary twist.


Lin-um, Rochelle

Lin-um, Rochelle

Our light reflective wallcoverings are perfect for a timeless design scheme. Rochelle showcases its characteristic metallic pigments and is the perfect marriage of classic and modern design. 


Luna, Lyra

Luna, Lyra

Chic wallcoverings, designed with a distressed metallic finish; Lyra is the quintessence of modern interiors. Our design is embellished with a delicate pattern of acrylic beads, giving the range a trendy, and yet truly unique finish.


Lustre, Allure

Lustre, Allure

An “alluring” collection of resplendent finishes for a visually stunning effect. Burnished metals, glistening glass beads and metallic spun fibres all capture the light, adding a rich lavish atmosphere to any interior design. 


Shimmering Details, Grillwork

Shimmering Details Grillwork & Velocity

Grillwork Velocity is sleek, subtle and luxuriously iridescent all in one. Our abstract and geometric prints are the perfect creative touch for the most avant-garde of design schemes. 

Shimmering Details, Velocity


Shimmering Details, Traditional Damask

Shimmering Details, Traditional Damask

Traditional Damask’s glossy embossed wallcoverings help bring your sleek design ideas to life. Our timeless prints are warm, subtle and dazzling all in one.


Splendore, Luxe

Splendore Luxe & Luxe Scroll

Mesmeric wallcoverings from our lustrous Splendore range – Luxe and Luxe Scroll. Overprinted with reflective foils, our contemporary prints offer a rich illusion of burnished metals; our aged patina surfaces are also the perfect fit for the most opulent of interiors.

Splendore, Luxe Scroll


Check out Fardis’ Wall Inspiration for an even wider range of distinctive, elegant designs.

With thousands of in-house wallcoverings to choose from – i.e. modern textures, classic silks, intricate florals and so on – Fardis is the perfect fit for any design concept. Our solutions are always high quality and durable, whilst also being on trend and fairly priced. 


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