9 Natural Textures Wallcoverings

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Natural textures are a subtle and stylish take on the current “bring the outside in” trend. From stone to concrete effect, textures are a lovely way to liven up any design with character and interest.


Below, we’ve included our latest –and favourite – wallcoverings from our splendid natural effect range. From modern minerals to inky metallics and more – our wallcoverings are heavily inspired by this most exciting trend in the world of interior design. 


wood effect wallcoverings 1

Rustic by Muraspec

A distressed, wood effect that integrates authenticity with contemporary style, Rustic has charm, character and is a stylish take on organic-inspired design. 


wood effect wallcoverings 2 

Bark by Muraspec

Bark is embossed with an organic tree-like effect, and a stylish take on the “bring the outdoors in” trend. Our design emanates an elegant, relaxed and eco-friendly atmosphere – indicative of our continued commitment to the environment.


metallic patina wallcoverings

Burnish by Muraspec

Burnish oozes appeal with its metallic foils and matt ink patina styling. Vintage moody silver, aged gold and tarnished aluminum shades, alongside flashes of metallic foil highlights, make this our wallcovering of choice. 


stone effect wallcoverings 1

Peru by Muraspec 

A striking effect, Peru is a stone-inspired juxtaposition to the smooth surfaces of a modern design scheme. Our range is available in several distinct shades, suited to a wide variety of design needs and/or aesthetic senses.


Looking for a more customisable alternative? Our striking WALLMOTION range might be just the ticket!


Wallmotion, 00130 


In fact, what makes our digitals unique is their level of adaptability to any number of design needs or aesthetic senses. Our mesmeric designs are scalable, customised and plentiful to choose from.


Engineered Timber, Driftwood & Other Wood Inspired Graphics 

Wallmotion Wood

Our wood-inspired graphics add charm, character and a rustic touch to your modern interiors. These creative, driftwood inspired wallcoverings bring a natural touch to any design project.


For more wood-inspired options, visit Wallmotion Woods.


Vert-De-Gris & Foils

Wallmotion, 00240

Muraspec’s striking vert-de-gris and foil prints are a perfect fit for any modernistic design scheme. Our inky patina finishes are also stylish, luxurious and tie your space together with a sleek contemporaneous touch.


For more metallic wallcoverings, visit Wallmotion Metals.      


Brick, Stone & Concrete

Wallmotion, 00310

Wallmotion, 00160

Our authentic mineral effect wallcoverings – from brick to stone, concrete and more. These organic elements are a breathtaking and trendy backdrop for your urbane design scheme. 


For more minerals, visit Wallmotion Minerals.



Visit us for more at muraspec.com


For more readymade digital prints, check out Muraspec’s Wallmotion range. Our creative digitals team is constantly on the lookout for the latest design trends –and inspiration is truly everywhere.


Contact us at customerservices@muraspec.com for more info. Or call us at 03705 117 118. 

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