Muraspec Digital: Bespoke Wallcoverings from Muraspec

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From decorative panels to wallcoverings in thousands of colourways, our range is manufactured entirely at our Kent-based facility. Our solutions are high quality and durable, whilst also being on trend and fairly priced. 

Muraspec Showroom

This promise extends to our top-notch bespoke wallcoverings, a perfect fit for the finest hotels, shops and residences worldwide. 

Muraspec Showroom02

A skilled in-house team of digital print professionals, plus dedicated project managers, brings your vision to life. Simply tell us what you want; we’ll do the rest. An experienced technical and installations team supports all of this. 

Our digitally printed range is also fully CE compliant with Euroclass fire ratings, even when printed, and now come with Environmental Product Declarations (EPDs).

Digital Bespoke Wallcoverings

How Do We Do It?

STEP 1: Find an Image.

There are many ways in which you can find an image that fits into your overall theme. Firstly, you can send us your concept artwork; just a click away on our website.

You can also find an existing image & let us know what you decide! We have close partnerships with several image galleries, plus exclusive designs from our readymade WallMotion range. Our skilled team of designers can also create illustrations for you, if you so prefer. 

Showroom Artwork    

Showroom Artwork 2

STEP 2: Enhance It.

We’ll get the best out of your images. All you need to do is send them in, as is.

Looking to recolour the images? Create a photomontage? Add your logo/brand name? Just leave it to us!


STEP 3: Measure Up.

Simply measure up your walls & we’ll do the rest. Should you opt-in for our Installation option, in fact, we’d even complete this step for you as part of the site survey.


STEP 4: Print It.

During this step, we prepare the image(s) for Printing and Installation. We print to the highest standards and using the best methods; we’re specialists!

Packed in suspended cartons with the required spatula and adhesive, our final product is then sent to your site(s). 

Wallpaper Printing 

STEP 5: Install It.

Voila! Simply install your bespoke wallcoverings straight from the delivery box. If you decide to go with our Installation option, as highlighted above, we’ll even arrange this for you.


STEP 6: Stand Back & Admire! 

Muraspec Showroom03

Here, we’ve included a quick shortlist of projects, all featuring our bespoke range of digital prints.  


The Ampersand Hotel, London U.K

Sleep soundly with Muraspec Digital, at London’s Ampersand Hotel.

The epitome of a Victorian treasure, the elegant Ampersand was first built in 1888, and exists today as a boutique hotel at the Heart of London. 

Ampersand Corridor

The design concept here incorporates botany, music, geometry, ornithology and astronomy, all inspired by their South Kensington district. The ampersand symbol illustrates the hotel’s role in connecting guests to the best of the area.

Bespoke guestrooms and public areas are adorned with the original artwork, while ensuring that each design scheme ties into the overall hotel theme – and its heritage – plus the unique dimensions of each room.

Ampersand Artwork, Bird

Ampersand Botanic

Design by: Dexter Moren Associates

Our creative team was also able to combine nine different images to create an encyclopedia effect, which runs the entire length of the corridors for a subtle, yet striking effect.

Cheryl Smith of Dexter Moren Associates affirmed,

“We’ve worked with Mel [Muraspec’s Hotel Specialist] before specifying Muraspec wallcoverings so your digital was an obvious choice for this project. The Digital team did a great job of transforming our concept ideas into the finished product. It looks brilliant!”


Wrightson & Platt, London U.K

A light and airy space, wherein our bespoke wallcoverings provide the perfect background to the luxurious design scheme. 

Wrightson & Platt Store

Wrightson & Platt exudes a distinctive quirky British-ness, which they sought to emphasize throughout their new concept store.

Designed by Camouflage, this vision was a thought-provoking and unique take on luxurious Parisian boutique hotels. The bespoke wallpapers were designed with a creative trompe l’oeil effect of intricately engraved, Victorian-style paneling & embellishments – including acorns, kestrels and so on. 

Trompe L'oeil Effect 

Design By: Camouflage                    

The concept art was then digitally printed onto our Belmont wallcoverings, which provided a neutral linen base for an intricate hand-drawn quality (highlighted above).


Euro Hostels, Glasgow Ireland

Euro Hostels pioneer innovative solutions with Muraspec at their first selection of hostel suites in Glasgow. 

Euro Hostels Wallmotion 

Euro Hostels was quite keen on using bespoke wallcoverings, but required a range robust enough to withstand their guests’ demands.

Enter Muraspec; our digital team found a solution in the form of anti-graffiti lacquer, applied to surface of the digitally printed wallpapers. The result was a long-lasting design scheme, merging the Wallmotion range with a collection of bespoke wallpapers, featuring the Glasgow skyline!

Euro Hostels Digital

Design by: Chris Sutton

Designer for Euro Hostels, Chris Sutton stated,

“My challenge was to design an edgy VIP luxury environment that would attract groups of all sizes. I wanted to incorporate digital wallpapers into my concept but was struggling to find a product that was durable enough. The solution from Muraspec of using their digital wallcoverings with an anti-graffiti lacquer was the perfect answer and I am excited to be the first designer trying this option. Feedback on the new suites has been incredible and I am now looking to use Muraspec for more Euro Hostels.”


Take a look at Muraspec Digital’s Photo Gallery.

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