Wix offices given a playful minimalist look

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The design by Inblum Architects is a striking example of minimalist office design, completed by just the right amount of colour and detail.


Splitting the area into two main workspaces, the designers used white walls and exposed brick and timber to really open up the space, giving it a ‘blank canvas’ atmosphere perfect for creativity.


Special mention goes to Artemij Brutov’s graphic feature wall (pictured), which draws the eye with its bold patterns.


Wix Offices


Hanging lights and wide archways play with the high ceilings, as does the suspended wooden roof above the three glass meeting rooms.


Wix Offices


These meeting rooms are a really fun interpretation of what is a must in most offices – completely transparent, they maintain the illusion of spaciousness, but their colourful curtains can provide privacy when necessary.


Casual furniture in pastel colours is dotted around the office, adding a relaxing vibe, and the bright triangular shelves, on which staff are asked to put something personal, give the sleek design some warmth.


Take a closer look at this innovative design here.



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