Twister Restaurant uses texture for a striking look

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The Twister Restaurant is a weather-inspired eatery in Kiev, which manages to combine a variety of textures and styles in one striking theme.


Designed by Sergey Makhno and Vasiliy Butenko, the restaurant uses its two-storey space to great effect, emulating stormy weather.


This is seen in the textured cloud-shaped chairs, which offer customers some contemporary comfort, and the lighting, which resembles rain drops, hanging from the ceiling. The other seating in Twister, including the balconies, is sleek and stylish, perfect for a high-end, but still very modern, restaurant.


Twister Restaurant   Twister Restaurant



 The designers’ fun use of texture doesn’t end at the seating – some of the walls are covered in sticks, while others are adorned with smooth wooden slats, marking a subtle contrast between the bar and the restaurant itself. A stunning partial-wall installation of woven twigs also features in the design, letting in some natural light.


Brown, orange, and white are the dominant colours in Twister, lending the restaurant a lovely warm earthiness which emphasises its natural roots.


Take a closer look at Twister here.



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