The Pen Store

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A sophisticated pen store in Stockholm has an interior design that is a quirky, contemporary take on traditional stationery shop, using colour to great effect.


The Pen Store, designed by Swedish design studio Form Us With Love, is a spacious shop decorated in a cool tint of white, which creates depth and produces a beautifully slick backdrop. This smoothness is enhanced by the strong rectangular motif running through the shop, which provides plenty of clean lines and definition. The striking black lighting fixtures stand out against the white, adding a hint of ‘designer industrial’ to the scheme, running parallel to the lines of the design.


The Pen Store


The Pen Store The Pen Store


The shop is designed to be interactive, with simple white tables encouraging customers to test out the merchandise, and the artworks suspended from the ceiling add bursts of colour. These bright and bold works of art have been produced by local creative using the stationery in stock, adding a sense of unique character to the store.


The pens themselves, which are neatly organised throughout the shop, add the most colour, standing out against the background as if they are being showcased, and adding plenty of interest.


See the Pen Store in more detail here.


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