Ted is on a roll!

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During the pandemic, Muraspec and Ted Baker successfully collaborated to produce three new designer collections of wallcoverings in the most challenging times a generation has seen, to follow Ted’s debut collection, ENCHANTED.

The design concepts had to translate into a finished product which exuberate opulence, adventure but without the loss of the designer’s finer detail.

FANTASIA is the first collection to have ‘rolled out’ onto Ted Baker’s ‘Home’ site earlier this year.

FANTASIA offers a range of luxurious and textured ornate wallpapers.  Designs including KINGDOM, MONFLO and LAUREL help enhance that connection with nature.  Bold leaves with a classic vintage edge create a decadent and alluring ambiance.

FANTASIA – LAUREL                 




The bold geometrical patterns of HEXIE & LOST GARDEN TRELLIS make for a stunning feature wall; playful yet unequivocally retro.

FANTASIA – HEXIE                      FANTASIA – LOST GARDEN TRELLIS           



MIRAGE collection is about creating an illusion of grandiose.  Each design within the collection comprising of scaled up digitally printed murals from the wilderness to the tropics. 

The textured embosses emulate an artist’s canvas, and the amplified detail creates an all immersive and dramatic feature wall.



WILDERNESS is printed on a textured linen, eccentuating the soft colour palette and artistic brush strokes, whilst TULIP GARDENS boasts a stripped back design with a pencil drawn textured finish.

The MIRAGE collection in its entirety features a design for all who favour a mural for a serene and beautifully framed vista.



As Ted Baker’s exclusive wallpaper licensee, we worked together to create the latest collection, EDEN. EDEN celebrates faraway travel and exotic settings after almost two years of ‘stay-cations’.

Designing for wellbeing was at the forefront after a seismic shift in consumer behaviour with more people investing in their homes and places of work during 2021 than over the past five years collectively.

Designs within the collection such as TREETOPS and LEAFIT showcase an intricate tropical setting, transporting you to paradise.




Each design within the collections are 60cm wide and have the same VOC rating as our standard commercial wallcoverings.

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