Superdesk transforms NYC office

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A ‘Superdesk’ completely transforms an office in New York, seating every single employee along its massive structure.




The 335 metre long table, designed by Clive Wilkinson Architects, dominates the office of advertising company Barbarian Group.


Not only does the desk seat all 125 employees, it undulates through the open space, creating arches, cubbyholes, and corridors for storage space and breakout meetings.




The white resin desk has an exposed wooden underbelly with a latticed structure, which adds a touch of much-needed texture to the space. Its design also ties into the dominant colour palette of white and brown, making the desk feel like an organic part of the warehouse space.


The Superdesk is designed to encourage collaboration and communication in this innovative ‘village within a building’, making it easier for staff to share thoughts and ideas with other departments.


This unique piece of furniture is a stunning example of creating architectural art within an interior design and challenges typical office design conventions.


See the Superdesk in more detail here.


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