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Sea Fest Restaurant, Beijing – an immersive interior experience

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A stunning new seafood restaurant has opened in China, its interior design influenced by sea creatures and providing a truly immersive experience.


Sea Fest Restaurant in Beijing was designed by Prism to unusual requirements; the team had to create a contemporary restaurant environment that was not only perfect for its Guangdong cuisine, but took into account other aspects of Chinese culture, including culinary habits and Feng Shui.



Sea Fest Restaurant



These very specific requests led Prism to take inspiration from sea life, cleverly selecting elements of the sea and recreating them as parts of the design.


The most obvious sea-related motifs in the restaurant are the mini aquariums, but the 200m2 space also includes a coral reef transformed into a wine bottle display and a light curtain reminiscent of the single-celled ‘Sea Sparkle’. The most exciting, abstract rooms are the VIP rooms, which are each inspired by a different sea animal, such as the octopus.


This amazing project combines Oriental sensibilities with fresh, contemporary design and you can find out more about it here.