Relais Masseria Capasa

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A gorgeous hotel in Italy combines rustic history with modern hospitality.


The Relais Masseria Capasa in Martano was built in 1746 and has experienced several renovations since – its most recent one in 2013 by Paolo Fracasso.

Surrounded by olive trees under the Mediterranean sun, Relais Masseria Capasa’s white stone walls remain exposed – this adds some wonderful interest and texture to the exterior as well as the interior.


Relais Masseria Capasa


Inside the hotel, the white stone keeps the rooms feeling fresh, especially when the sun is shining, as well as reminding guests of the building’s unique history. The hotel lends itself to neutral palettes, which work particularly well in the bedrooms, where shades of grey and silver are a perfect complement to the earthiness of the white stone.


Strips of canvas art throughout and outside the rooms help to bring the hotel up to date, while echoing the stunning environment with a nature motif, the magnified pictures of berries, fruit, and leaves providing a burst of colour.


The contemporary twist on Italian hospitality is completed by air conditioning and Wi-Fi, so guests can relax in comfort as well as style.


Take a closer look at the hotel here.


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