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Jade Hotel, New York

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Bask in the opulence of the stunning Jade Hotel in New York City.


This hotel and restaurant has a strong identity, transporting guests right back to the Roaring Twenties with its speakeasy vibe and luxurious fabrics.


Jade Hotel, New York


The colour palette is simple and true to the time, seducing customers with inky navies, glistening golds, and rich reds, which are complemented by the accents of dark wood, which define the public spaces and provide warmth to the bedrooms as key furniture pieces.


The atmosphere is clearly important to this hotel and the wide use of drapes adds a touch of drama and theatre to the surroundings.



Jade Hotel, New York


For instance, in the room pictured, the curtains (which match the runner and cushions on the bed) frame a stunning vista of just some of NYC’s most iconic buildings, while the full length curtains in the lobby provide an astonishing sense of scale and a strong sense of geometry, in keeping with Art Deco aesthetics.


Jade Hotel, New York


The lighting is warm and understated, again in keeping with the period, adding depth and relief to the rich colours and textures.


Take a closer look at the hotel here.