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Hôtel Dupanloup

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Studio Makkink & Bey has transformed a historic building in France into a series of exciting, contemporary spaces.

Hôtel Dupanloup in Orléans is nearly four hundred years old, but its renovation as an international research centre celebrates its illustrious history, while looking to the future.

The main hall and twenty three meeting rooms have become the setting for stunning installations which use furniture to define and reevaluate the interior spaces.

The design studio has created precise ‘three dimensional collages’ of furniture which match and complement, giving each room a strong identity. Carpets and semi-transparent curtains help to outline the rooms while maintaining the palace’s light and airy feel. The pastel shades and soft curves of the furniture are eye-catching, but they don’t overwhelm the preserved walls and doors of the palace, which are beautiful examples of Classical French design. 

Hôtel Dupanloup 

Hôtel Dupanloup


Described as ‘a treasure hunt across centuries’, Hôtel Dupanloup’s multi-layered interior is a stunning example of a style fusion – totally contemporary, yet unafraid to promote its past.

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