Como Social Theatre gains a bold, sophisticated restaurant

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Arkham has created a refined restaurant scheme for the Como Social Theatre in Italy.


The design, which carries the theme of theatre, is a sophisticated study of interior contrasts and the power of optical illusion.


Como Social Theatre


The restaurant, ‘18.13’, uses a bold white and deep red colour scheme from floor to ceiling, creating patterns on the walls to form virtual geometries and expand the reclaimed space. The colour also helps to define the space, with red used in the centre of the restaurant for an opulent ambience and white applied near the windows for a lighter, airier look.


In addition, the texture is a great point of contrast in this scheme, which mixes matte and gloss surfaces for a very contemporary feel.


Como Social Theatre


Furniture is used sparingly, with cream chairs colour-complementing the white areas, and rich leather and wooden furniture completing the red spaces of the restaurant.


Functional and minimalist yet luxurious and relaxing at the same time, this design’s contrasts give it a truly modern, timeless atmosphere perfect for those intervals during the latest must-see play.


Find out more about 18.13 here.



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