Haus of Dentistry in Prestwick, Scotland

Haus of Dentistry, located in the coastal town of Prestwick, Scotland is the first of its kind luxurious dental clinic. Owing to the dream of it’s Clinical and Clinic Directors, this clinic is truly unique in its luxury hospitality and calming ambience.
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Haus of Dentistry in Prestwick, Scotland

Haus of Dentistry, located in the coastal town of Prestwick, Scotland is the first of its kind luxurious dental clinic. Owing to the dream of it’s Clinical and Clinic Directors, this clinic is truly unique in its luxury hospitality and calming ambience.

Haus’ foremost priority were their clients, particularly when it comes to patient comfort, health and amazing smile results. Likewise, the interior finishes had to exude service and hospitality while also being suitable for healthcare settings.

The Challenge

Haus of Dentistry Clinic Director, Adam Morgan, who has worked as a consultant with many 5* hotels, conceptualised a fusion of luxury hospitality with healthcare. The design team’s main objective was to bring together the best parts of the dental health and facial aesthetics industry, from state-of-the-art technology and innovative processes, with the best aspects of the hospitality sector — luxury, client care and a peaceful atmosphere.

Our client, in essence, wanted to create a strong, easily recognisable brand that is known for exceptional dentistry and unmatched luxury hotel quality of service. Planning to the most exacting detail, Haus’ team chose elements that complement and accurately reflect the clinic’s focus on service and comfort.

For this project, Haus wanted to create instant ‘wow!’ factors with lighting and luxury wallcoverings. The wallcoverings, however, had to be strong enough to tackle rigorous cleaning and hygiene protocols required of surgical healthcare settings. Muraspec was more than up for the challenge with our wide range of high quality commercially durable, non-permeable and washable wallcoverings. Our client also wanted their wallcoverings to be coated in BioMaster, for an extra layer of protection – a robust solution that Muraspec provides.

The Solution

Muraspec Wallcoverings met all the technical requirements, and provided the best solutions for performance, colour and finishes for Haus ’ reception, stairwells, treatment suites and client concierge rooms.

Inspired by its use in hospitality interiors, Haus of Dentistry chose Lava as a key wallcovering throughout the clinic. This high quality wallcovering combines an oversized foil print, embossed with a subtle texture, for spectacularly lustrous finishes.

In every treatment suite, Haus has created feature walls with a 75” TV, gold iMacs, and beautifully stitched ink blue leather seating and LED lighting to frame the ultra luxurious gold wallpaper. These wow factor finishes, together with the black ‘picture frame’ highlight and illuminate Lava’s metallic finishes.

Lava, which has been utilised in many luxury hospitality settings – including the world’s only 7* star hotel – enhances the opulence and elegance of any room, and just makes sense as a part of Haus of Dentistry’s interiors.

Additionally, Haus of Dentistry also utilised Lava in their Client Concierge room. Creating a calming and peaceful environment for detailed discussions of client treatment and results was Haus’ first priority. Likewise, Lava (in silver) was employed to add this air of peaceful relaxation to helps clients feel at ease and open up discussing their thoughts when it comes to their dental and facial aesthetics treatments.

Haus of Dentistry uses Lava to its fullest potential, by featuring it in tandem with the most luxurious design elements. For the reception, they have realized the potential of Lava as a centerpiece by placing their high-end furniture, lighting and decor elements around its statement surfaces.

Haus also opted for an abstract Wallmotion 00400 wallcovering , designed and printed by our skilled digital team and state-of-the-art digital printing technology. Their design team has also added a large ‘picture frame’ around the edges of this digital wallpaper, with hidden LED lights. These intricate details have really turned the stairwell area into a stunning key feature of the clinic.

The Results

Haus of Dentistry not only fulfilled but exceeded its goal of creating a luxury clinic with design elements that both delights and puts their clients at ease. The team has created an atmosphere that compels people to stay longer and enjoy the experience, like the best luxury hotels around the world. These positive reactions extend beyond their clients and partners to interior designers and other businesses in the area.

All of their design elements from wallcoverings to high-end finishes such as lighting, leather furniture and artistic touches work seamlessly to create the stand out Haus of Dentistry experience. The design is truly in the details and we are so delighted to have been part of this unique project.

Haus’ clinic director, Adam Morgan, stated that what he loves most about the space is how “[our new and regular clients’] faces light up when they walk into the lobby and see the gold Lava paper”. He goes on to discuss how Haus of Dentistry’s clients are immediately at ease and “feel like they have checked into one of the world’s best hotels”. Muraspec, with the help of our highly skilled team and unmatched technical expertise, was also able to assure Haus of Dentistry that our wallcoverings were robust, durable and met the cleaning and hygienic protocols of their surgical healthcare settings.

Haus’ Clinic Director, Adam Morgan, states:

“Our experience working with the Muraspec team has been fantastic! The team have always been as excited about our project as we were and Carol in particular helped so many times with measurements and with the many questions we had regarding the suitability of the papers in the surgical areas, BioMaster product and with all of the testing information we needed to justify to our accreditation panel that each product was suitable for use in this environment.”


*’Lava’ doesn’t contain BioMaster as standard, but can be coated upon request.

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