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A rainbow coloured office

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Design firm Apostrophy’s has a colourful new office that is bright, bold, and perfect for a creative company.


Colour is one of the most important aspects of this design, with block hues dominating spaces from the walls to the furniture and even the stationery. Each step of the multi-coloured staircase is a different shade, ascending from reds through blues to yellows, connecting to each floor of the office.


A rainbow coloured office


The ground floor is dominated by vivid red, which is given a great contrast with bespoke neon lighting. The colour swatches on one of the walls are a nice echo of the office’s spectrum-inspired look.


A rainbow coloured office


Upstairs on the first floor, red makes way for blue, which is the signature colour for this floor but does not cover it like the ground floor. Here, walls are kept white with touches of blue, with block colour provided by furniture and other smaller elements.


A rainbow coloured office


And finally, on the top floor, bright yellow rules the roost with a shot of summer, boosting everyone’s creativity with more than a dash of boldness. Artisan lighting and delicate flowers add texture and depth to this floor, giving it an extra dimension beyond its signature colour.


The use of typography throughout the office really helps to unify it, motivating employees with inspirational quotes and providing another element to the overall design.


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