Wallcoverings fit for a Queen

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In today’s news we find out that Buckingham Palace is due to be redecorated for the first time in over 60 years!


We’re sure Her Majesty has impeccable taste, but just in case she’s in need of some inspiration, here are our suggestions for the Royal walls…


    Muraspec Montage
 Fardis Rose    Fardis Indus Silk    Muraspec Montage
Muraspec Hampton   Muraspec Celeste Stripe   Muraspec Assam
 Muraspec Hampton    Muraspec Celeste Stripe   Muraspec Assam 
 Fardis Hampton Court   Fardis Seagrass   Fardis Galaxy Stripe
 Fardis Hampton Court    Fardis Seagrass    Fardis Galaxy Stripe
Fardis Rochelle   Muraspec Celeste Floral   Fardis Delphine
 Fardis Rochelle     Muraspec Celeste Floral    Fardis Delphine




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