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Wallcovering guide through the different options available on the market

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The right wallcovering can make or break a design scheme, and with so many options available, choosing the right one might seem an overwhelming task. Clever use of texture and colour on your walls can really bring an interior scheme to life, adding depth and creating atmosphere.


Textile and textile effect walls work well over large areas, “softening” the wall and creating a tactile finish that invites you to just reach out and touch it.


Wallcovering guide through the different options available on the market


Shallow embosses are suitable for more subtle effects, often where there’s more of an obvious pattern on the design or the overall look needed is more delicate. Deeper embossed have a more obvious effect. The current trend for organic textures lends itself to this, with reeds, grass cloths and leathers/skins all making for interesting finishes. Both Andesite and the Muraspec’s Maya Romannoff Studio collection are two good examples of what Muraspec can offer.


Wallcovering guide


The use of natural materials in surfacing to “bring the outside in” has been a growing trend for some time now, and shows no sign of slowing. Wood, stone, plaster, concrete and brick are popular for creating both organic and industrial looks. We’ve recently launched Wallmotion, a new range of wallcoverings that include natural material effects and many other options.


 Wallcovering guide


If what you’re looking is to take texture a step further, panelling is an easy way to inject some serious texture into your scheme (Take a look at our Impressions panels). If panels aren’t appropriate, 3D effect wallcoverings are flat to the touch but give the illusion otherwise.


Wallcovering guide   Wallcovering guide


However you choose to use texture on your walls, the performance can be as important as the look where commercial environments are concerned. Sustainability is a growing trend, so Muraspec has invested in making sure its wallcoverings are as environmentally friendly as they can be.