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Upcoming Trends at Heimtext

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At Heimtext we see evolution in Interior design trends and our ever-evolving taste every year. The constant growth of the event attracts more and more enthusiastic visitors, extravagant stands and innovative products. It’s safe to say Heimtext is one of the most important events in the interior design industry.

For us, at Muraspec the most important thing for us is that our products not only follow the constantly changing climate of trends. But we can offer and contribute to the changes as they happen.

This year at Heimtext we saw exhibitors’ products being featured on a wall of five different trends being predicted for 2019. The main theme for these trends was ‘Towards Utopia’ which played out in five different scenarios for future living concepts which where; pursue play, seek sanctuary, go off-grid, escape reality and embrace indulgence.

To show how we already fit into these upcoming trends, we’ve picked out existing wallcoverings from the Fardis and Muraspec ranges.

Pursue Play

Focusing on satisfying our need for optimism in a tough climate. Pursue play helps our minds escape uncertainty through creativity, our curiosity and playful nature. Concentrating on more bright bold and playful colours.

Seek Sanctuary

The search for peace and tranquillity from our busy work and constantly connected social lives. The harmonic neutral tones of white, grey and beige project a message of cleanliness, free from clutter.

Go off-grid

Inspired by outdoor pursuits, the search to re-connect with our closeness to nature and experiences that go beyond our daily routine. With the use of natural materials and colours such as deep blues, greens and khaki with bright orange suggest rigidity and functionality.

Escape Reality

The escape from reality is one where the border of reality and imagination is often blurred and crossed. A new utopia can be rooted in digital as well as the real world, with the use of ethereal colours such as pink blues and lilacs.

Embrace Indulgence

Rich materials, colours, art deco styles and skilled craftsmanship. Embracing indulgence is about intelligent combinations, opulent and luxurious features that are tactile and intimate. Indulgence is captured by rich silks, plush velvets and fresh lilacs, radiating warmth, inviting us in and completely immersing us.

With our ranges constantly being worked on and updated we aim to always be ‘on trend’. We also want to be able to offer something unique and different at the same time. We can provide for those who want to be ahead of the latest trends and those who want to create their own.

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