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Unveiling three brand new wallcoverings

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As a brand, we like to always keep our library of designs up to date. Earlier in the year, we brought out two new acoustic wallcoverings Cirrus and Anafi with amazing sound dampening qualities. Then we had herringbone and accord, two equally great design with unique, high-quality textures and finishes.
Just as the year was wrapping up, we thought we bring out our final three designs.
Tweed, Sorrento and Novaro.
Tweed has been created to offer refined styling with an authentic colour palette. Featuring a delicate chevron pattern combining the natural aesthetic of handwoven fabric. This design provides a contemporary look while neutral colours give an elegant finish.
A contemporary wallcovering with depth. Perfect for hiding unsightly imperfections, Sorrento’s texture combines rough and smooth surfaces that interact with light to create an exciting and unique effect.
Elegant, charming and full of character, the beauty of Novaro lies within its simplicity. The texture of this wallpaper reflects light from its surface to reveal a range of different tones. Favouring neutral and natural colours this design works efficiently throughout any interior design scheme.
Tweed, Novaro and Sorrento are all 20oz Type II Osnaburg wallcoverings.  These three new designs have all come with Biomaster antibacterial coating, which actively ensures that harmful bacteria cannot survive on the surface.
These products are ideal for installation in healthcare, hotels, office, education, retail and marine.