The Sleepbox Hotel

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The first Sleepbox Hotel is open in Moscow, allowing guests to stay in a chic but practical hotel which takes minimalist design to a whole new level.


Designed by Arch Group, the hotel is made from the studio’s portable sleeping capsules, known as Sleepboxes, which are ideal for travellers who simply need somewhere to rest their heads for a few hours.


Sleepbox hotel


The sleepbox hotel


This first hotel is based in an old building in the heart of the city, with the modular capsules fitting well in the awkwardly shaped structure.


The Sleepboxes on the lower floors are made from sleek, high-quality wood in two strong hues which provide a nice twist on monochrome, with softness added by the modules’ curved corners. The deep colours of the wood provide warmth to the very practical interiors, which come with mood lighting, charging sockets, and cute rounded portholes.


The sleepbox hotel


The LED lights above the Sleepboxes are arranged in a similarly orderly fashion, tying the overall design together and adding to the futuristic atmosphere.


Overall, the hotel has an intelligent sense of space and sticks to the ‘less is more’ mantra to ensure its guests have a straightforward, but stylish stay.


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