The Northall – a modern ‘Grand British Restaurant’

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A London restaurant hosts the best of British food – and design.


The Northall is a great update of the Corinthia Hotel’s late Victorian heritage and uses colour and texture in a really considered way for maximum effect.


GA Design International’s brief was to create a ‘Grand British’ restaurant fit for the best food this country has to offer, with modern touches to bring the venue into the twenty-first century.


The Northall - a modern ‘Grand British Restaurant’


The designers’ work started in the very framework of the building, as they restored the restaurant’s coffered ceiling and decorated the full-height windows with a pearlised frieze (inspired by the original window embroidery).


The restaurant has a sleek and luxurious atmosphere, thanks to the use of texture. The light fixtures are smooth and geometric, complemented by the glistening balcony railings, vases, and drinks holders, while softness is introduced to the scheme by the full-length plush curtains.


Colour adds to this theme: the dominant palette is warm neutrals with touches of silver and gold, suggesting luxury, ensuring that the gorgeous flower displays stand out with a burst of colour.


Take a closer look at the Northall here.


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