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The Gorgeous Kitchen at Terminal 2

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Blacksheep has collaborated with a group of chefs to create a beautiful new restaurant in Heathrow Terminal 2.


The Gorgeous Kitchen at Terminal 2


The Gorgeous Kitchen, a project involving four leading female British chefs, offers passengers a moment of tranquillity amid the bustle of airport life.


With local produce at its heart, The Gorgeous Kitchen reflects its British sensibilities with a hint of the Continent, alluding to the international nature of the surrounding airport.


As well as mixing geographical styles, this restaurant uses touches of classical design in a very modern scheme – the neutral backdrop, neat tiles, and just-curved mirrors accentuate this, as do the antique Murano glass lampshades hanging from the ceiling. This heightens the restaurant’s otherworldliness as the place of peace and calm at the centre of one of the busiest airports in the country.


The Gorgeous Kitchen at Terminal 2


The colour palette is pastel-led, which adds a lovely French patisserie feel (as do the glass food displays on the counter), with blues and greens enhancing the relaxing atmosphere of the restaurant. Traces of gold bring interest to the neutral background and a touch of subtle luxury to the overall design.


Take a look at this beautiful design in more detail here or take a look at the Candice Olson Couture Collection, which uses pastels and metallics for some stunning looks.