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Sumptuous ‘Grasscloth’ Wallpapers

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Muraspec is always at the forefront of the latest in the world of interior design, and this year we want to bring traditional design techniques together with modern elements for an air of timeless luxury. And we aren’t the only ones!


2018 has already seen a widespread design trend towards the revival of ancient and artisanal techniques, embracing the imperfect nature involved in the process of creating designs and patterns as well as reviving historical prints. This has naturally inspired us to reintroduce a true classic from our beginnings as a high-end wallcovering provider – grasscloth wallpaper.

Everglades Rollshot

When our Fardis brand began in 1967, it built its name and reputation on importing high quality grasscloth to Europe, at a time when this wallcovering was truly unique. We set a trend, and grasscloth gained in popularity to become a regular feature of both our Muraspec and Fardis collections.

Take a look at some of our most luxurious wallcoverings inspired by this latest trend in the world of interior design. These designs are the perfect juxtaposition of painstaking artisanal techniques and modern depth and character.  


Everglades by Muraspec

Everglades brings an intense new level of natural beauty and depth to your design scheme that few other wallcoverings can rival. Natural grasscloth are meticulously hand woven together, creating this truly exclusive set of interior solutions.

Eternity, Tessuto

Tessuto by Muraspec

Inspired by the ancient art of weaving, Tessuto by Eternity achieves a faux grasscloth effect by way of its ‘natural fibres’ look and adds a certain richness whether you opt for an impactful feature walls or the all over alternative. The illustrious Eternity palette further evokes a sense of timelessness that is ideal for the most luxurious of design schemes from its mix of soft neutral to opulent natural colourways.

Fuji, Tessuto

Tessuto by Fardis

Part of the oriental Fuji series, Fardis Tessuto wallpaper exudes sumptuous depth and character into any design scheme by way of traditional weaves of natural fabrics that add a touch of indulgence. The Tessuto palette consists of six nature-inspired colourways from Almond to Bone, Burnt Orange, Fallow, Flax and Shadow

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