Recent Projects featuring Muraspec

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Recent Projects featuring Muraspec


At Muraspec, it is of utmost importance to us that we deliver bespoke solutions, within required timelines, and with excellent customer service each and every step of the way. That is how it has been for over 135 years.


And with thousands of in-house wallcoverings to choose from – i.e. modern textures, bespoke digitals and so on – we have always been the perfect fit for our clients’ decorative needs. You’ll find Muraspec products in the finest hotels, shops and residences worldwide.


Here, we’ve included a quick shortlist of recent projects, all featuring our commercial and digital wallcoverings range. We’re always busy being creative!


Coast Stores, U.K. 

Coast Stores was looking for the perfect polished plaster alternative.


Enter Muraspec! Our design team found the perfect wallcovering solution –creating a special bespoke colourway in our popular and stylish Metropolitan range. 

Coast Stores UK

Textures are the perfect way to liven up any modern space with both character and interest. Metropolitan did just that, stunningly juxtaposes its characteristically rich textures against the otherwise sleek surfaces of this Coast Stores’ interiors.


Hotel Restaurant, Bournemouth, U.K.

The epitome of a hidden treasure, this stylish refurbishment of a hotel restaurant in Bournemouth uses Tessai to create a luxurious contemporary feel. 

Hotel Restaurant, Bournemouth

An elegant polychromatic design, the Tessai wallcoverings bring a coveted touch of tranquility to any modern interior scheme.


Office Space by Nugget Design

Office Space, Nugget Design

The brilliant designers at Nugget Design utilised a creative combination of our digital wallcoverings to refurbish these office interiors with striking – yet vibrant – bespoke murals. 


Office Space, Nugget Design_1

Office Space, Nugget Design_2


Potters Resort, Hopton U.K.  

Potters Resort, located at Hopton on Sea, opted for a contemporary appoach.

Potters Resort, Hopton

Our bespoke digital wallcoverings – featuring the ‘reeds of Norfolk’ – provide a breathtakingly perfect backdrop for their ultramodern design scheme. 


Potters Resort, Hopton_1

You might even spot our Canton and Osaka wallcoverings in some of the Potters Resort guestrooms. Our lighter grey colourways have been utilised to add a serene touch – one befitting of the ‘resort’ ambience. 


Potters Resort, Hopton_2

Our elegant Osaka wallcoverings are interwoven with unforgettable natural textures for a stunning juxtaposition to Potters modern interiors. 


Skiddaw Hotel at Lake District Hotels, Keswick U.K.     

Skiddaw Hotel, located within the beautiful Lake District, chose our Rusticrange for feature walls in several of their guestrooms. 

Skiddaw Hotel_1 

Rustic is a distressed, wood effect that integrates authenticity with contemporary style. Our wallcoverings have charm, character and are a stylish take on the nature-inspired design trend.  


Skiddaw Hotel_2


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