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Muraspec Launches New Osaka Damask Design

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Muraspec Launches New Osaka Damask Design

Muraspec is a leading U.K. designer, manufacturer and distributor of commercial and bespoke decorative solutions for the global interiors industry. With over 135 years of experience, Muraspec prides itself on both its British heritage and exceptional customer service each and every step of the way. Our name is synonymous with inspiring design and high quality.

Our design team is constantly on the lookout for the latest trends –and inspiration is truly everywhere. Discover our latest creation, the lively Osaka Damask

Osaka Damask 11171

The grandeur of the Osaka Damask wallcovering is ideal for the most luxurious of design schemes. Its ornate damasks and decadent style together with rich yet natural linen textures add a refined touch in the form of feature walls – or on an all over basis. 

Osaka Damask 11173

A variety of colourways further add warmth and charm particularly in coordination with our plain Osaka wallcoverings.


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