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Muraspec Launches New MemErase Surface Paint!

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Our design team is constantly on the lookout for the latest trends –and inspiration is everywhere! Discover our new launch –the creative MemErase Surface Paint range.


Memerase, Overview


An International Leader in Commercial Decorative Solutions

Our mission is to always meet, and exceed our clients’ expectations. It’s what we’ve done for over 135 years! You’ll find Muraspec products in the finest hotels, shops and residences worldwide.

As leaders in a global market, we design a full spectrum of readymade and bespoke solutions. From decorative panels, to wallcoverings in thousands of colourways, our products are all manufactured at our UK-based facilities. 


Team, Memerase


New Product; Dry Erase Paint from Muraspec


At Muraspec, we understand the importance of functional, high quality and durable products. Our designs are just that, whilst also being on trend and fairly priced. And with our fast turnaround and exceptional service, this is exactly what we seek to deliver through our newest write on & wipe off solution. Think big!


Memerase, Coffee Board


We are thrilled to introduce our innovative MemErase Surface Paint, new to the ultra functional dry erase collection. Previously a wallcoverings exclusive option, MemErase has already transformed many-a commercial– from offices to boardrooms, hotels, nursery play areas, and etc. – and residential settings. 


Memerase, School 1  Memerase, School 2


Our Surface Paint will continue to do this…and so much more!


Memerase Surface Paint


From desks to doors, walkways and office dividers, this launch transforms any custom surface into a creative outlet; and a writeable space to augment your task, activity or project.


Memerase, To Do  Memerase, Planning 2


Available in white and clear finishes, MemErase Surface Paint is ready to use almost immediately after application.


The Possibilities are Endless!

Dry erase has been utilised across businesses from large and small firms, to hotels, charities, consultancies and public sectors. Our range, in particular, can also be seen in many academic settings, from schools to colleges and universities. The possibilities are endless! 


Memerase, Warehouse


Businesses, for instance, may employ MemErase for several collaborative purposes. 


Memerase, Collaborate 


Planning, project management, brainstorming, and tracking progress; these are just a few ways in which the business sector may use surface paint to plan, develop and launch products, services or a new campaign. 


Memerase, Planning


Dry Erase can oft also be utilised across the Education sector including, but not limited to, universities, colleges, and even primary schools. The classroom is no longer limited to traditional whiteboards. Whether at desks, or in corridors and walkways, students can learn and collaborate like never before. 


Memerase, Teaching


Applied over any coloured surface, wallpapers or artwork, the sky’s the limit when it comes to creativity. 


Memerase, Creative


Quick to apply, durable and a smooth finish; simply paint with MemErase Surface Paint, and let your creativity flow! 


Memerase, Brands


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