LATEST TRENDS, 2016 – Textured Wallcoverings.

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New Year, New Design Trends! In our opinion, textured wallcoverings are among the most exciting trends in the world of interior design.

Textured designs are a subtle, but inspired, approach to livening up a modern space with both character and interest. From stone to concrete effect, and nature to animal-inspired, there are infinite possibilities.

Below, we have compiled a shortlist of unique textured designs that may inspire your next design project!


First on the list, is the industrial-inspired Astoria, Loft

Astoria, Loft

Wallcoverings textured, and styled, with an authentic concrete surface touch. Astoria, Loft immaculately captures that urban industrial design that many strive to achieve.


Looking for a nature-inspired atmosphere? Consider Astoria, Bark

 Astoria, Bark

Astoria, Bark

Bark is embossed with an organic tree-like effect, and a stylish take on the “bring the outside in” trend. This design emanates an elegant, relaxed and eco-friendly atmosphere –indicative of our commitment to the environment.


Next on the list, we have the striking Union, Peru.

Union, Peru

A striking stone effect, not to mention a great nature-inspired juxtaposition to the smooth surfaces typical of modern interior design. Peru is available in seventeen distinct shades, suited to a wide variety of design needs.


Next, is the modern Union, Plaster design.

Union, Plaster

Modern wallcoverings, embossed with a palpable plaster effect. Plaster is a subtle way to introduce some texture into an otherwise sleek design.


Recently, we’ve also added Union Zambezi, Rhea & Boa – a range of skin effect designs –to our collection of textured wallcoverings. 

Union Zambezi

Union, Zambezi

An unforgettable new design, embossed with a mesmerizing crocodile-like effect. 

Union Rhea

 Union, Rhea


Elegant, ostrich effect wallcoverings –a perfect addition to a contemporary interior design scheme. 

Union Boa

Union, Boa

Striking, reptilian-inspired wallcoverings; this snakeskin effect design is ideal for a transformative and entrancing touch to your modern living space.

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