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LATEST TRENDS, 2016 – Colour of the Year

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New Year, New Design Trends!

We’re always busy discovering the latest, and greatest, wallcoverings to bring your vision to life. Our creative team is constantly on the lookout for the latest design trends –and inspiration is everywhere. Pantone’s Colour of the Year is no exception.

In 2016, we’re seeking peaceful and relaxing atmosphere; our very own ‘cosy haven’. And we’re not alone! In fact, Pantone’s Rose Quartz, and Serenity are a chic take on this widespread trend. 

Rose Quartz adds cosy warmth to your design. A chic shade of pink, Rose is ideal for a seasonal touch and yet subtle enough for a peaceful atmosphere, all-year-round. 

Conversely, as the name suggests, Serenity–quite a soft, almost tranquil, take on blue – is a perfect touch for your very own serene sanctuary.

Below, we’ve listed some of our most favourite, newest, and most captivating designs, inspired by Pantone’s Colours of the Year. 

First on the list, we have the Bukhara, Maji wallcoverings. 

Bukhara, Maji

Our newest design, Maji leaves an everlasting impression. This rich paisley design takes you back to the true origin of life, as it rejuvinates any room. Our wallcoverings are also a great way to add a playful seasonal touch…just in time for Valentine’s Day!

Next on the list, we have the bold, dark and inspired Baroque, Versailles.

Baroque, Versailles

A classic upscale design, Versailles ornately ties any modern space together with an artistic touch.

Shimmering Details, Duo by Candice Olson combines tranquility, and warmth, in this elegant design. 

Shimmering Details, Duo

An urbane design, Duo is serene, subtle and luxuriously iridescent all in one. Our geometrics exude an air of serenity and creativity, perfect for the contemporary design scheme.   

Next up, we have the sophisticated Inspired Elegance, Aristocrat.

Inspired Elegance, Aristocrat

Aristocrat is likewise serene, subtle and luxuriously iridescent all in one. Our lustrous damasks, embossed with miniature beads, will breathe new life into your avant-garde design.

Lastly, we have the dazzling Riverside ParkArchive Scroll design.

Riverside Park, Archive Scroll

Our delicate floral and damask designs that add a relaxed, cosy and opulent ambience to any living space.

Visit Pantone for more on Rose Quartz & Serenity. Get inspired! Check out Fardis’ Wall Inspiration for over 600 elegant and distinctive wallcovering designs.