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Latest Pictures – Muraspec and Fardis @ the Ideal Home Show!

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Left handside wallpaper Astoria Frond 10731 (Silver) , Right handside wallpaper Peacock (Blue & White)


Hummingbird – (Yellow & White)


 Left handside Luna Galaxy Stripe 01524 (Pink) Right handside Grace 312006 (Brown &  Black)


Left handside wallpaper Fortune coco 211020 (Purple & Pink)

Right handside wallpaper Glitter Jazz 10672 (Gold)

Muraspec & Fardis bags with Goodies. 

A great apportunity to see our wallpapers in person (Thousands of stunning wallpapers to choose from)

Meet the Muraspec and Fardis team on Stand L751 we look forward to seeing you!