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Japanese village-inspired sushi bar in Spain

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A sushi bar in Spain has been heavily inspired by traditional Japanese village streets, showcasing a fusion of styles for a stunning interior design.


Japanese village-inspired sushi bar in Valencia 


The scheme, created by Masquespacio for the Nozomi Sushi Bar in Valencia, combines the ideas of ‘emotional classic’ and ‘rational contemporary’ for a look full of interesting juxtapositions in terms of materials, textures, and other design aspects.


This is epitomised by the use of concrete and a neutral palette as a sleek, modern backdrop, on which tradition-inspired features are layered to create a multifaceted design. Sections of the walls are clad in hand-finished wood, with delicate shelves holding plants and fragile blue and white crockery.


Japanese village-inspired sushi bar in Valencia 


The pale wood can also be found on the tables and chairs, the window frames and the slatted ceiling, which provide a similar streamlined look. The ceiling, however, is also covered in artificial cherry blossom, while the tablecloths are illustrated with Koi carp (known as a symbol of good luck), adding a modern twist to traditional elements.


Japanese village-inspired sushi bar in Valencia


This is a design that is all about the little touches, with the tables carefully laid out with beautifully parallel and perpendicular details, layered as pictured. This recurrence of blue adds a hint of tranquillity to this thoughtfully constructed design, which you can see in more detail here.