How do Fire Ratings work?

Looking for wallcoverings that are both stylish and fire resistant? Look no further than Muraspec. All of our wallcoverings are Class B fire rated, which means they have the highest level of performance possible under the Euroclass system.
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Selecting the ideal wallcoverings for your space involves a balance of technical and artistic factors. Achieving your vision requires the perfect fusion of pattern, texture, and colour.

However, one of the most crucial factors to consider is the safety standards of the wallcoverings you choose. Whether it’s a bustling commercial area or a cosy residential space, each environment has specific safety prerequisites, with fire safety being paramount.


How do we determine Fire Ratings?

We determine fire safety by way of mandatory Euroclass testing. This is a standardised classification method developed in the late 1990s, by which construction products are categorised based on their contribution to fire growth. Prior to 2013, this ran alongside the British Standard or National Class testing method, also applying to both commercial buildings and residential settings.

To determine the Fire Rating of most construction products, including wallcoverings, two tests must be carried out:

  1. EN 13823 or the ‘Single Burning Item’ test simulates the effect of a small waste paper bin igniting in the corner of room and measures the reaction of wall surfaces that are constructed from, or draped in, the element under test.
  2. ISO 11925 or the ‘Small Flame’ test evaluates the ease with which flames spread along the surfaces of a test specimen, if it is possible to set light to the sample under given test conditions.


In other words, Euroclass tests aim to replicate how wallcoverings might perform in real-life situations. If the waste bin did ignite, for instance, how would the wallcovering in question worsen or restrict fire growth?

The results are stated in a standardised format with the Euroclass, followed by smoke classification levels and the flame droplet classification – i.e. B – s2 – d0.  The highest level of classification for smoke is s1; s3 is the lowest, whereas flame droplet levels range from the d0 to d1.

The comprehensive testing methods are presented in Table 1 (below):

Euroclass Classifications

What are the classifications? How do we determine the minimum acceptable level of performance?

The Euroclass performance classifications are presented in Table 1, above.

All member countries are required to publish levels of performance necessary for the type of construction products and decorative elements, and the settings in which they are to be installed. High traffic areas – e.g. hotel corridors and escape routes –, for instance, typically have higher Euroclass requirements than wall surfaces of smaller residential spaces. The generally accepted levels of performance range from Class B, which has “very limited contribution to fire” to Class D with “acceptable contribution to fire” (Table 1).

How is Muraspec a leader in fire safety?

As a global leader in the commercial and bespoke wallcoverings industry, Muraspec Wallcoverings aims for the highest standards in all aspects, from product quality to customer service, technical support, sustainability and safety. Fire safety is of course no exception.

All Muraspec products are fully CE compliant with Euroclass fire ratings, ensuring that we meet the highest levels of performance for customers. We are proud to supply a worldwide client base across the Hospitality, Healthcare, Retail, Cruise Ship, and Residential sectors, and thus our mission is to meet the highest safety standards to be achieved.

This is precisely the reason why our entire selection of inspiring Muraspec branded wallcoverings – manufactured at our UK based facility in Kent, achieve the Class B fire rating – the highest level of performance possible for a decorative wallcovering, under the Euroclass system.

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