Floral and botanical designs are on trend this year…

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Floral and botanical designs are on trend this year…

Need a breath of fresh air? You’re not alone.

In the bustle of an increasingly urban lifestyle everyone feels a bit of nostalgia for the lusciousness and serenity of the countryside. Perhaps this is why florals and botanicals are so on trend this year. Botanical designs have a way of connecting us to nature – from wallcovering to wallpaper and beyond – and have a healing effect on the body, mind and soul. And as always, Muraspec is at the forefront of the latest in the world of interior design.


Check out some of our newest and most rejuvenating Muraspec and Fardis wallcoverings inspired by this design trend.


LTD02270 by Muraspec

A serene palette together with revivifying florals defines the highly adaptable LTD02270 wallpaper, a Wallmotion design that transports you away to a peaceful world away from the bustle of the metropolis.

Chateau, Sakura

Sakura by Muraspec

Inspired by the picturesque Cherry Blossom tree, the Sakura design has a calming effect on the body, mind and soul.


LTD02150 by Muraspec

LTD02150 is the embodiment of this year’s botanical trend with its oversized florals and nature inspired palette that transport us away to a peaceful paradise.

Shangri La, Gilgit

Gilgit by Fardis

Gilgit is as multifarious as the scenery and cultural history of its namesake, located along the ancient Silk Road Trail, with its melange of botanical and floral adornments that add a breath of fresh air to the most timeless of design schemes.


See more of our Florals & Botanics inspired designs.

Botanic Moodboard

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